Kid's room layout and bedroom colors for kids and kid's room decorating ideas should be driven by one guiding theme: Fun.

What exactly makes for a kid's room? And what are some really fabulous kids room decorating  ideas?

The answer is always:  Consider fun as a theme and ideas will come!

You can organize kid's room decorating ideas considering four elements and you will add style and function to the equation and end up with winning kids room ideas.

Kids Room Decor Ideas

Color - One of the easiest task is choosing the bedroom color for kids. Let them pick, give them an option too.  Expect colors choices to be sharper, brighter and wilder than yours.

AN orange and yellow for a girl's room will always be a smart choice for a smaller facing room with one window and minimal natural light. The warm color brightens the room while they did pull the ceiling and walls, they give the room a cozy, secure feeling that made the space embracing feel. Leave it to kids!

You can also choose some additional hues related to the original paint selection to add complexity and interest. When using accessories, use them as accent paint colors.

Don't forget to include ceiling, its another surface that brings life with home decor.

Storage -  Funny things about storage. Don't bother about how much you have, you can always fill it up. Kid's room storage is very tricky. They have so much stuffs!!!

How about toy storage boxes that double as toys? Your kids can use it as a castle to hide behind! He can use that to load his playthings, making clean and fun. There's that word again.

A doll house toy box is also a fun idea. You can make it yourself with a 1/4 plywood and doors, paint, siding and windows with shutter on the sides. Do you have a soccer, pirate, farmer, player or ballet dancer? You get the image.

Plastic boxes and containers that can be placed under closets and beds are easily available in all household goods stores. They are perfect for smaller kid's rooms. Bookshelves that are at the height of 56 - 66 cms double as play surfaces and gives storage at a height kids can use.  You can also be creative and try hanging baskets for storing kids clothing.

Space and scale - Celebrate space, it's the only way to engage fun in a kid's room.

A huge space in the living room indicates that something is missing from the composition. It's a gift in a kid's room. Try not to clutter kid's room so much that there is no room to roll around the ground with the puppy, or make a feast out of modeling clay or build a LEGO city. Make sure there is enough space  to play.

And, no matter how large and spacious their rooms are, they will feel more confident and comfortable if you bring the scale down to their needs and perspective. Check out for amazing kids room decor products.